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What persuaded Mark that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God? What evidence does Mark give us to believe that Jesus is ‘good news’? Is Mark’s Gospel a reliable document? Why should I even give it a chance? This section deals with these and other questions.

  • FAQ's about Mark

    Though the word gospel meant ‘good news’ and referred to the content of the Christian message, the word very quickly also came to be used for narratives of Jesus’ life. The four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, all contain a selective account of Jesus’ life, focussing on the events...

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  • Is Mark’s Gospel Historically Reliable?

    It is impossible to prove that an ancient account is fully reliable, and the very fact that Mark’s Gospel records miracles is enough for some people to reject it as a reliable record. However, provided one is prepared to be open minded about the possibility of miracles, there are a number of...

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  • So What?

    Jesus of Nazareth was an historical figure, who made historical claims. We can be confident that Mark's Gospel is an accurate account of the life and teaching of Jesus, which 'went public' within the lifetime of people who had seen and heard Jesus...

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