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Welcome to, the web resource that accompanies ‘FREE’. This student resource is for seekers and sceptics who want to explore the message of Jesus with an open and adult mind. We want to answer your questions about ‘Mark’ and to tackle the big questions of life.

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Life throws up many awkward questions that are so easily repressed and pushed to the side. Here is an opportunity to stop, reflect, and to examine our own belief-system.

  • Is There A Basis For Ethics?

    Dr. Peter May became a committed Christian at the age of 20 after carefully reading the New Testament. He trained in medicine at the Royal Free in London... more...

  • Did Jesus think He was God?

    Dr Keith Small, PhD, became a Christian when his sister personally shared the message of the gospel with him and invited him to trust Christ as his... more...

  • If salvation is a gift, then can't I live however I like?

    Dr Andy Gemmill didn't give a second thought to Christianity until he met some Christian friends at university. Through their lives and words he came face... more...