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So What?

Jesus of Nazareth was an historical figure, who made historical claims. We can be confident that Mark's Gospel is an accurate account of the life and teaching of Jesus, which 'went public' within the lifetime of people who had seen and heard Jesus.

Nearly everyone agrees that Jesus was a good person and a moral teacher. Some would add that he was an insightful prophet. This reflects a very positive view of Jesus' teaching and lifestyle. But let's not cling onto the edited highlights. Will we listen to Jesus as he warns us about the judgement to come? Will we let him instruct us about his rescue-mission? Will we let him teach us about his divine identity? Will we really take in the real message of Jesus?

Jesus claims to be the God who we've offended, with the authority to forgive us. He's either a liar, a lunatic, or the LORD! If Jesus really is a good teacher, let's accept where the evidence is leading. Are you really prepared to see where the evidence takes you?

If Jesus is who he claims to be, then it means we can have answers to some of our most profound questions - What is God like? What does it mean to be human? Is there life beyond the grave? Is there moral 'goodness' and 'evil'? Where can I find freedom from guilt?

Something persuaded Mark that Jesus was the Rescuing-King. It's worth checking out the evidence he presents with an open and adult mind. Is this really good news? Read Mark and find out!